young adults

Are you a Young Adult, looking to get more out of church than just a Sunday morning experience?

The Young Adult Ministry is a co-ed collective of Young Adults in various stages of life, committed to building deeper connections with God, community, and one another. We are here to help you get more out of church than just the Sunday morning experience. For more information sign up for our weekly updates here.

Emerging Professionals

Just entering your career or finishing up school? Let’s do this adulting thing together! Connect with a group of young professionals all seeking to find work/life balance, build their network, and most importantly deepen their relationship with God!

Emerging Couples

Still trying to figure out what it means to be a partner? You’re not the only one. If you’re just getting into a relationship, newly engaged, or recently married, come through for open and honest conversations about relationships and learn from some of the pros who’ve been at it a while.

Emerging Families

Just figuring out you’re more like your parents than you thought? Here’s an opportunity to ask questions you’ve been Googling. Join this community of young families navigating parenthood and childhood together.

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