Women's Ministry

The Women's Ministry of MBCC serves all women of the church. Our goal is to lead the women in our church through fellowship, bible study, service projects, workshops and conferences.  

Chair: Linda Sessoms 
Co-Chair: Ericka Lacey 

Please contact us at:
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Upcoming Events:

Daily Disciples
- Midtown

Daily Disciples               
Sundays: 9-10am
Life Group Leader:  Jessie Miller               

The Daily Disciples is a group comprised of “seasoned” women. This group is a great place to connect, learn, and study God’s word with individuals striving to know more about how to live out their beliefs by applying God’s word to their daily lives. We welcome you, whether this is your first life group experience, or you are a seasoned saint. We want you to ask questions, share perspectives and feel supported as we all walk our journey of Christian discipleship and live out God’s word.             

Single Mothers - Midtown            
Sundays: 9-10a                    
Life Group Leader:

Are you a single mother looking to connect with other single mothers? This is the group for you. We are a group of ladies of various ages, committed to the Word of God and one another. Come join us as we apply the truth of the word of God to our lives, and inspire one another to be the best mothers we can be!

Uplifters - Midtown             

Sundays: 9-10a                    
Life Group Leaders:  Jim Ella Austin and Cathy Henderson 

The Uplifters Life Group is comprised of women from various stages of life that love the word of God, and each other! We are always looking for women who are seeking to grow deeper in their relationship with Jesus, and want to build relationships with fellow disciples. We were not meant to walk alone, so come join us!

J. E. WALKER WOMEN  - Midtown            
Sundays: 9:00 AM        
Life Group Leader:  Vinnie Robinson      

J. E. Walker Life group is a class for ALL women, both young and “seasoned”. The time we share together is filled with studying, praying and interaction with each other.  In our class, everyone is special. We are women with a passion for LEARNING the Word of God . . . . LIVING as Jesus would have us. . . . LOVING much . . . .and LEADING as only women can. 

AS WOMEN OF God, we are supportive of each other, caring and compassionate. We support Manna Delivery at The Blvd, sponsor a scholarship yearly and adopt angels at Christmas time.  We are obedient to the Ministry of our Church and are always available to help at any time.
The time we have together is always informative, fun and joyful – you will be blessed!